The encounter between New Castle United and Sunderland reached intense level of competition and showed signs of commitment and aggression as well. Lee Cattermole was responsible for setting the tone of the match as he used abusive language towards Mike Dean within only sixty seconds of the final whistle. The competition saw as many as eight yellow cards as well as a red card too. The delayed reaction of midfielder Newcastle United did not do any favors whatsoever.

The performance of Dean received appreciation across all quarters, as both the managers did not waste any time in appreciating the performance. The performance of Jackie Milburn gained special appreciation as he managed to score as many as eleven goals. Jackie Milburn managed to come up with a better performance than Ameobi did. Newcastle could have managed a win if in the case the team had shown greater composure.

A win for Newcastle would have been an unfair result on Sunderland, as they were the dominant force in most part of the competition. Sunderland was clearly the dominant force due to their supreme aggression and composure as well. The home side could not come up with a spirited performance, until and unless Pardew managed to regroup at the due interval. Fraizer Campbell made inciting remarks to the home crowd when Sunderland managed to come up with a substantial lead.

The foolish response by Mike Williamson was one of the main reasons for the goal scoring too. Defender Mike Williamson grabbed the shirt of Michael Turner in the penalty area itself. The penalty awarded by Dean was one of the reasons for goal scoring. Newcastle was in real danger of gaining selection on the counter-attack along with Bendtner.

Demba managed to kick a header from close distance to the crossbar. As many as two events resulted from the contest. The sending-off of Sessegnon was indeed a senseless act performed since he appeared to be one of the coolest players so far. Newcastle has every reason to argue that it was necessary to score before the time they really did.

When Campbell attempted to dispose Ameobi and thus slid in a reckless manner, he gained a penalty. In an unsuccessful attempt to slid and dispossess Ameobi, he managed no more than wiping out the concerned striker. Ba changed his mind at the last moment and Mignolet made an unsuccessful attempt to wipe out the concerned striker.