This year champions are back in the ring, and one of these include Kelly Pavlik. The former WBO/WBC champion might be back into the ring this year, somewhere in between April or May. Pavlik is presently under training of Robert Garcia in California. There is a change in trainer, as his former trainer Jack Loew has been replaced. However, this does not seem to affect his training. Pavlik has many things to look after before his return, and his injuries are among these points. Pavlik has missed a number of fights because of his injuries, so he should take care of his health first.

In the last year, there were two instances, when pavlik refused to fight. In the first instance, he opted out of the fight against Darryl Cunningham, and in the second instance, he refused to fight with Lucian Bute, who is the IBFsuper middleweight champion. This match would have earned pavlik a sum of over 1 million dollars. The refusal to such a big match and to such a big amount of money seemed strange, as he fought a single fight last year with Alfonso Lopez. He looked horrible in the match of ten rounds, in which he emerged victorious.

Gracia will have to work hard on Pavlik to get in back in form and he will also have to alter many things in his style, to make him a champion at the super middleweight. On comparing Pavlik to other 168lbs fighters, it seems that he is a basic fighter, and he does not have to capability to move much, thus lacking defense and speed in his game. Therefore, Gracia has to look into all these aspects of Pavlik?s style. The fighters who move a lot will have get an advantage of Pavlik in the fight.

Pavlik finds it very difficult to tackle fighter, who move a lot in the ring. Even though Gracia is a good trainer, but the main challenge is still with Pavlik?s fighting style. Pavlik has not been active since May last year, when he was victorious against Alfonso Lopez. The boxer was also in news these days because of his split with trainer Jack Loew. Further, there have allegations of DUI as well. For now, Top Rank is making efforts to decide a date for the fight of Pavlik. Until now, April is the chosen month for the fight and no fixed date is out yet.